Friday, February 18, 2011

United We Stand

Definition of UNION

a : an act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one: as (1) : the formation of a single political unit from two or more separate and independent units (2) : a uniting in marriage; also : sexual intercourse (3) : the growing together of severed parts b : a unified condition : combination, junction <a gracious union of excellence and strength>
: something that is made one : something formed by a combining or coalition of parts or members: as a : a confederation of independent individuals (as nations or persons) for some common purpose b (1) : a political unit constituting an organic whole formed usually from units which were previously governed separately (as England and Scotland in 1707) and which have surrendered or delegated their principal powers to the government of the whole or to a newly created government (as the United States in 1789) (2) capitalized : the federal union of states during the period of the American Civil War

I was speaking with someone this morning about conditions at a factory they work at. They don't have a Union, sadly most Americans these days aren't protected by a Union, and if there is talk of a Union mentioned, they are swiftly terminated.

Why is this, you might ask? Unions offer protection for their members, seeing to it that their rights aren't violated in the workplace. They are a voice for the working man and/or woman, ensuring that they do not fall prey to unfair labor policies and discrimination.

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