Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Temple Within

Recently I fell off my path due the Media Blitz provided by Harold Camping and Family Radio, and for this I paid a dear price. I acquired Doomsday Depression. My mind and Body were not in synch with eachother. it was as if I had amnesia and forgotten everything I had known to be true.

While I was obsessing over this Science Fiction Movie called The Rapture that was playing out in the Media,  I began to doubt my worthiness as a human being, and if I would be able to be caught up in the clouds with Christ.  I began to cry all the time, lost interest in my daily activities, and was not honouring any belief sysyem whatsoever. I did pray, but it was not like I had before.

During the time My Mind was Raptured I had forgotten important elements necessary to my Spiritual Survival.  The Bible states that in my Father's home there are many Mansion, or dwelling places, if you prefer. On My Journey I have come to decipher this as meaning the dwelling places are literally US. The Bible also talks about the body being a temple for the Holy Spirit to reside in.  If the Holy Spirit resides in us and we are temples of a Living God. Then God is with us all the time. We do not have to wait for him to return. We need to live our lives full of love and kindness free from hate and abuse. We need to live harmoniously, and embrace the Holy Spirit within.

Friday, May 20, 2011


The impending doom of the Rapture has created a Zombie alert with The CDC issuing a statement on Survival techniques should a Zombie Apocalypse arise.

I must admit that a the thought Christ's Epic Return to save us all from ourselves does sound epic and breathtaking and I suppose if you dig hard enough you might find it in the Bible. You will also find in the Bible that Christ will come as a Thief in the Night. What does this mean?

When a thief comes in the night he catches you off guard, and there is no way to predict the hour of his arrival or you would surely be prepared for him. Jesus is that thief in the night, he decides when to come, and although some Religious Zealot thinks he has pinpointed the hour of his return. Do you really think he can outsmart Jesus Christ?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scwarzenegger's Vanity

Is it a coincidence that Arnold Schwazenegger decides after all these years to release the details of his affair that culminated with the production of a Love Child? Can anyone say " PUBLICIZE CRY MACHO" any louder!

This is a shameless attempt to resurrect an acting career. Not to mention the destruction it brings to his wife and family and yes even to the child he fathered in secrecy.  I understand that indiscretions do happen, but what are his motives for coming clean now, if not to jump start his career.

Schwarzenegger needed to remind Hollywood and his Fans that he was still a a a Suave Playboy, Not Conservative Republican that he has become known for, so he chose this time to release the details of his affair.

Only problem is having a baby with another woman virtually days apart from having one with your wife, doesn't make you a Suave Playboy, it makes you a Chauvinistic Pig, and not an Action Hero, but an Action Loser.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Theft of The Soul

Theft of the Soul is what I  think happens to a child when they are so severely damaged by a violent act of sexual abuse that they fragment.

We need to take care of these fragile developing souls, and build them up. Provide them help and encouragement.

Origins Of Darkness

I once stood in the light shiny and new
That was long and tiresome time ago
Before the dark fingers swept upon me
And tore my living soul from my tiny body
Theft of the soul as it has now been termed

Leaving nothing but a vast gaping hole
Where my heart was once connected
My mind swirls with emptiness and hurt
The evil took the part that was once me
The person I once was no exists inside

The darkness inside has created a trinity
A fragmented , broken soul thriving on pain
An Unholy Trinity, feeding on it's suffering
I am here because the pain was too great
Broken into pieces, the Origins of Darkness

If you suspect childhood sexual assault, please report it. Don't turn a blind eye, you may be saving the child from years of self torment, even after the abuse stops.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sticking It Up The World's Ass

Tossing the Blame of Al Quaeda back on us was what the Prime Minster of Pakistan had to say in his defense of harbouring one of if not if the world's most Notorious Masterminds of Evil.

We were not providing Osama Bin Laden a safe haven, he was.


In  retrospect we are guilty of aiding the Taliban forces when they were at war with The Soviet Union. We funneled them Money and Weapons, and  fed their cause. They were a Rebel Alliance in Afghanistan and The Soviet Union  was at war with Afghanistan, and it hurts me to say this, but our Government did not research the Ally they were jumping in to bed with, for they hopped into bed with the Enemy. At the time we still had the Cold War Mentality, and thought we were sticking one to the Russians. Surprise , we not only stuck one to the Russians, but we stuck one in our own ass and  The World's Collective Ass.

Look before you leap into bed with someone. Know who your Partner is.

Friday, May 6, 2011

My 2 Mothers

My life has always been complicated to say the very least, and nothing has ever come  easy for me, including parents.
I had two Mothers. No they were not lesbians, they were Mother and Daughter.  My Biological Mother was turned into Children services for abuse and neglect, and My Grandmother and Grandfather agreed to take guardianship of me. We all stayed in the same house, and I remember thinking of my biological mother as my sister when I was small, calling My Grandmother "Ma" and always calling my grandfather Daddy.
Truth is it was the man I thought was My brother, whom I found out was my uncle, and  my "Daddy" who spent most of the time shaping my youth, and my ideals.  My Grandmother was jealous of me, feeling that I took too much time away from her marriage, and my biological mother had raised all of her sisters and her brother and was tired of kids, and she had a new baby, my sister from her lover to take care of. This sort of left me to my own devices.
I was Daddy's sobriety baby, a chance to redeem himself and do all the the right things with me that he did wrong with his own children. He was determined to educate me. At the age of 3 he had me sitting at the kitchen table reading Hemingway, writing in Penmanship Books and doing 11th grad Business Math. I suppose he used these books because they were handy, and were laying about the house. I would look out the kitchen window and watch the neighborhood children play on my swing set with my baby sister, and feel guilty for being jealous. I wanted to feel the sun on my skin. I wanted to play outside and laugh, but Daddy loved me, and I had to listen to him. There was no one to watch me while he was working at the mill, so I would put in my time studying, and getting lost in the books and learning kept me from harm. Perhaps Daddy knew what he was doing.
I still honour the memory of both of my Mothers, as I am sure they loved me as much as they were capable of at that given point in time. Respect is another thing my Daddy taught me. I respect My Biological Mother, she gave birth to me, and she did the best she could I suppose, and I loved her. I Respect My Ma for giving me a home, and for doing the best she could. They were both good Grandmothers to my children.

Happy Mother's Day to My Two Mothers My Daddy and My Brother, I love and miss you alll....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden, Hitler, Same Agenda

I for one am pleased that Osama Bin Laden has finally been taken out by The United States. There are those that have in recent days have expressed a distaste for the death of the fallen terrorist leader. I am dumbfounded by this on several levels, although I do try to see their point, I just can't find any compassion for this man.
The Bin Laden sympathizers quote the Bible, saying things like
God said "Thou shalt not kill" or other verses that state it is wrong to revel and rejoice in the death of your enemy. The problem with this is, these sympathizers are forgetting who Osama Bin Laden was and what he stood for and did for that matter.
First off he declared a Jihad, you sympathizing fools, that I am pretty sure is still underway. A Jihad is a HOLY WAR. That means the war is against people like you who have the freedom to spout verses of Christianity on his behalf. The Jihad was designed  to take away tour Christian Rights, because you are not Muslim. I am not saying in way that all Muslims or The Nation of Islam condones this in any way, but this is the cloak he hid behind, much the same way Hitler hid behind Christianity when he slaughtered so many Jews. Hitler's war was a Holy War also. He took away the rights of all the Jews, struck Fear and Terror into their hearts, and eventually slaughtered them, Could you imagine what would would have happenned if Hitler had not been stopped?
Osama Bin Laden was doing to World, particularly , the Western Free World, what Hitler did to The Jews. So all of you Bin Laden Sympathizers ask yourself this one question, Do i feel sorry for Adolf Hitler too? Am I saddened at the loss of Hitler, or is the world a better place without him too?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Matt, Nana, &The King

Yesterday My 19 year old Autistic son Matthew began to cry, which is quite unusual for him, as he rarely cries. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he told me he was crying because his Nana yelled at him for having mud all over his shoes.  I had to stop and think for a minute about what I was going to say next because his Nana has been dead since Halloween of 2010.  Finally I summoned up enough courage to ask him if he was remembering her, and he told me that he was.
This was a good thing for Matt, as he hasn't been able to talk about his Nana's Death since her passing. I invited him to sit by me so we could talk more about it. I couldn't pass up the chance for him to express his feelings as communication is often hard with him.
He shared memories of making her watch Mysterious Island over and over again, and of eating her Fried Chicken. He also talked about playing some kind of video game called Four Swords with a fellow named Link in it. Sorry I know nothing of Video Games, guess that's why Nana was cool. Then he talked about listening to The King with Nana, he came on the radio. It was as if she were there with us.
I told Matt to hold those good memories of Nana close in his heart, and when he starts missing her, remember her when she was happy and having good times with him, and it will feel like she is giving him a great big hug.

I believe that a person's energy or soul if you will touches those around them during their lifetime. They leave behind trace elements of that energy. It is up to us to use that energy for good. There is good in everyone.