Sunday, May 1, 2011

Matt, Nana, &The King

Yesterday My 19 year old Autistic son Matthew began to cry, which is quite unusual for him, as he rarely cries. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he told me he was crying because his Nana yelled at him for having mud all over his shoes.  I had to stop and think for a minute about what I was going to say next because his Nana has been dead since Halloween of 2010.  Finally I summoned up enough courage to ask him if he was remembering her, and he told me that he was.
This was a good thing for Matt, as he hasn't been able to talk about his Nana's Death since her passing. I invited him to sit by me so we could talk more about it. I couldn't pass up the chance for him to express his feelings as communication is often hard with him.
He shared memories of making her watch Mysterious Island over and over again, and of eating her Fried Chicken. He also talked about playing some kind of video game called Four Swords with a fellow named Link in it. Sorry I know nothing of Video Games, guess that's why Nana was cool. Then he talked about listening to The King with Nana, he came on the radio. It was as if she were there with us.
I told Matt to hold those good memories of Nana close in his heart, and when he starts missing her, remember her when she was happy and having good times with him, and it will feel like she is giving him a great big hug.

I believe that a person's energy or soul if you will touches those around them during their lifetime. They leave behind trace elements of that energy. It is up to us to use that energy for good. There is good in everyone.

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