Monday, May 9, 2011

Sticking It Up The World's Ass

Tossing the Blame of Al Quaeda back on us was what the Prime Minster of Pakistan had to say in his defense of harbouring one of if not if the world's most Notorious Masterminds of Evil.

We were not providing Osama Bin Laden a safe haven, he was.


In  retrospect we are guilty of aiding the Taliban forces when they were at war with The Soviet Union. We funneled them Money and Weapons, and  fed their cause. They were a Rebel Alliance in Afghanistan and The Soviet Union  was at war with Afghanistan, and it hurts me to say this, but our Government did not research the Ally they were jumping in to bed with, for they hopped into bed with the Enemy. At the time we still had the Cold War Mentality, and thought we were sticking one to the Russians. Surprise , we not only stuck one to the Russians, but we stuck one in our own ass and  The World's Collective Ass.

Look before you leap into bed with someone. Know who your Partner is.

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