Thursday, July 14, 2011

Politicians or Terrorists

Who needs terrorists to strike fear into the hearts of Americans when we Have Politicians to do it for us. Once again they have found an excuse to hold a pissing contest up on Capitol Hill, only this time there is more at stake.
Everyday we hear statements from both sides how they won't back down, and with time quickly running out, and no agreement reached it will force this country into Financial Chaos. Stock Markets will crash. Unemployment Rates will Skyrocket. Government Checks such as Social Security will not be issued. People's bills will not be paid. The Economy will Crash and Burn.
Who needs the Al Queda when we have our own Government performing acts of terrorism against us?

I wonder if People will jump from the windows like they did in the Great Depression....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have We Lost The Spirit of 1776

This Country was founded to create o freedom for everyone, not just a select few. Freedom of Religion was a big issue back in 1776. Our forefathers wanted the right to be able to worship as they saw fit without answering to The Mother Church of England. They bound together and worked hard, provided for one another's needs, and a Democracy was formed. For the People , By The People. A Spirit of Unity.
Does this still hold true today? Many of us would like to think so, but let's examine some current agendas facing us today.
Social welfare programs designed to help the impoverished have been drastically reduced if not eliminated, despite the objections of constituents. While the Higher Bracketed Income Based Wage Earners still enjoy Tax breaks.
Programs such as Planned Parenthood which provide Health Screenings to Low Income Women and Teens have come under fire and face extinction. They cite lack of funding, but in reality they are using it to promote their Religious Beliefs calling everyone who uses Planned Parenthood "Baby Killers".  Politicians should respect the rights of everyone to observe their own religion, and not be so ignorant as to suggest Birth control or a Cancer Screening is an Abortion.
A True American would not let his Brother starve in the street.