Monday, February 28, 2011

Union Proud. Union Strong, Unions Keep America Working

My Father was a proud Steelworker and a Union member. He supported not just his Union but all of the Local Unions. He instilled in me at an early age that the Union worked together as a Family looking out for the best interests of each other. Making sure that their brothers and sisters in the Union were protected and their rights were preserved.

During Contract Negotiations they were able to have representation for Collective Bargaining to make sure that they received the best Health Care at The Best rates, after all they had served there employer well, shouldn't their Health and well being be important to their Employer as well?

My Father also taught me to never cross a picket line. This was something he believed very strongly in, to the point he stood in Solidarity with The Teachers and kept me home from school during strikes.He would often supply the picket line with Hot coffee. Solidarity For Our Unions.

I honour My father and all the hard working Men and Women who are fighting to keep their Collective Bargaining Rights. My Father was a Very wise Man.

Union Proud. Union Strong, Unions Keep America Working.

Loving Enough To Let Go

Loving someone enough to let go is probably one of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make in your lifetime. Your first instinct is to try to fix everything for them, and clean up the mess they have made of their life. This is only natural, and don't beat yourself up over it. At some point in our lives we have all had friends, family or even colleagues who have inflicted injury upon themselves and their careers by making foolish choices driven by addiction, and/or the mental illness that twists the mind with self injurious behaviour.

Until the afflicted person loses damn near everything, including themselves, they will not get any help. You will only be hindering their recovery by placing a stamp of approval on every outrageous act they perform associated with their problem. Walking away, and detaching with love is the only answer.

Sometimes people truly have lose everything to win.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The First Amendment and The Union

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
 I am not a Lawyer, just a Citizen of The United States of America. I just want to make that clear.

Union workers , in my point of view are having their First Amendment rights violated. They will no longer have the Freedom to Assemble nor would the dedicated Civil Servants, the men and women who perform often thankless jobs such as Educating our children, Fighting Blazing Infernos, Taking Rapists and Drug Dealers off the streets, will no longer be able to petition the Government for a redress of grievances through a collective bargaining process done through a Union Representative.

Last time I checked these were inalienable rights.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Health Care Reform-How Much is a Human Life Worth

Back in the Eighties I knew a young woman whose husband had left her pregnant, and alone, without the benefit of health insurance.

Understandably she was under extreme stress which did affect her pregnancy, and she did go into premature labor at twenty two weeks. The only hospital in her hometown that handled OB care was a Private One, which meant that they could turn her away for her inability to pay. The public hospital was not equipped with a maternity ward.

The young woman was looked at and told to go home and abort. Clinically that is the name for a miscarriage, but at twenty two weeks a fetus is viable, and this fetus still had a heartbeat. One city over was Trauma Center equipped to handle premature deliveries with a state of the art Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.  Medications could have also been offered to the young woman to stop her labor as she was not dilated, only spotting. These options were not offered to her. She could not afford them.

Eight hours had passed. The young woman awoke to a pool of blood in her bed, and severe cramping. She called out to her Father.  Her Father took her back to the Private hospital, where else was there to go. Standing there with blood dripping down her legs, a Catholic Priest took pity on her and  secured a room for her.

Young, and frightened. She was placed in a cold room and put in stirrups. She was left alone. Nature took over, and the urge to push came over her and she followed her instincts without the benefit of any medical assistance. She could not afford any. After the third push, her son literally shot from her to the floor, still attached to the cord.

They eventually came in and asked her if she wanted them to throw her son into their furnace, explaining that is what they did with stillbirths born in poverty.

Do we want to revisit this era of Privatization, Greed and Inhumanity?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fighting For Freedom & Democracy-The UNION

Democracy is contagious, and it is spreading like wildfire. People rather enjoy having a say in what goes on in their government. Health care decisions, public policy on social issues, and being kept informed on who are true friends and allies are.

In America we have Democracy which is composed of collection of Representatives who act as a UNION, and they collectively speak for the Citizens of The United States of America. Their Voice ensures that their constituents rights are protected.

I am just going to come right out and say it. I love our Soldiers. I support them. They are Freedom Fighters, and true Heroes, spreading that infectious Democracy around The Globe. Many of these Brave Men and Women left careers as Fireman, Teachers, and Police Officers. Dedicated First Responders who belonged to a Union when they began their Tour of Duty. They may be coming home to find themselves without the protection they have earned.

Is this Fair? NO.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

To be uneducated and unaware of your choices is a scary thing and sometimes leads to acts of desperation. So you ask yourself, why would anyone in this day and age of our advanced technology be or choose to be uneducated?

Sometimes they have no choice. Poverty has made that choice for them.

For instance the young teen who goes to a local Planned Parenthood Center for Counseling.  She is provided with options through federally funded programs to protect her from an unwanted pregnancy, HIV, STD"s, and is even given screenings for Cervical Cancer. She is Empowered with Education. She has choices, and can lead a full productive life, and for all intents and purpose become a useful part of society, perhaps even contributing back to what society has given her one day because she has received an education.

Now let's consider what could happen to this young girl without these resources. Perhaps she could have unprotected sex, and end up with an unwanted pregnancy. Without Planned Parenthood, she did not realize that one night of unprotected sex would lead to this. She had not been offered affordable Birth Control nor Counseling for that matter. She conceals her pregnancy out of shame and fear. A resentment builds within her against the poor innocent baby she is carrying. She schemes to find a way to get rid of her mistake, as her mind grows mentally ill. At the tender age of 15. without proper nutrition and Pre Natal Care, she gives Birth alone to a premature baby and commits infanticide.

Could this have been averted? YES.

Friday, February 18, 2011

United We Stand

Definition of UNION

a : an act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one: as (1) : the formation of a single political unit from two or more separate and independent units (2) : a uniting in marriage; also : sexual intercourse (3) : the growing together of severed parts b : a unified condition : combination, junction <a gracious union of excellence and strength>
: something that is made one : something formed by a combining or coalition of parts or members: as a : a confederation of independent individuals (as nations or persons) for some common purpose b (1) : a political unit constituting an organic whole formed usually from units which were previously governed separately (as England and Scotland in 1707) and which have surrendered or delegated their principal powers to the government of the whole or to a newly created government (as the United States in 1789) (2) capitalized : the federal union of states during the period of the American Civil War

I was speaking with someone this morning about conditions at a factory they work at. They don't have a Union, sadly most Americans these days aren't protected by a Union, and if there is talk of a Union mentioned, they are swiftly terminated.

Why is this, you might ask? Unions offer protection for their members, seeing to it that their rights aren't violated in the workplace. They are a voice for the working man and/or woman, ensuring that they do not fall prey to unfair labor policies and discrimination.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Shattered dreams, Broken schemes
Picking up the pieces of broken glass
My heart was made of porcelain
As wicked and twisted as it all seems
I was your doll, made of porcelain

Porcelain Doll, thrown to the floor
A posession of yours no more
I will put myself back together
Porcelain, I am fine Porcelain
Battle is over, I have won the war

Tearing me down, Breaking me apart
You thought you won, I have just begun
I am Porcelain, and I can sustain
Broken no more, I am up off the floor

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Children of Ambivilance

Often times it is easy to turn the other way when someone we know has an obvious problem, whether it be with alcohol, drugs, or mental illness. We say it is their problem, and they will change when they are ready. This may very well be true. You can not force someone to change. They have to want it for themselves.

Minding your own business isn't always the best option, however if children are involved.

Children deserve to be free of abuse and neglect. They deserve to grow in a nurturing and caring environment, or the cycle is destined to repeat it's self and another generation of dysfunctional  adults will enter society. They are The Children of Ambivilance. The children who's mental welfare was never ensured when society decided that their parents would change when they were ready. They are actually lucky to be alive, for some of them there upbringing was similar to war ravaged country, and were left to their own devices to survive.

Don't turn your back on the children. Help them, they can't and shouldn't have to help themselves.

I am a Child Of Ambivilance. I did receive help, if you are one too, please get the help you deserve. All children deserve to see their parents smile.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being Judgemental

Many of us do it. Look at the woman in the grocery store purchasing groceries with  food stamps and think ill of her, not taking into consideration her personal circutmstances.  Perhaps we look at the homeless man on the street and say he likes living that way, and is just a waste of space. Do we know what led to his fate? No. Do we honestly even care if we are honest about it? Probably not. 

It is easier to sit in judgement of others than to do something than to fix the problem. I am not even talking about the other person's problem. I am talking about the problem within ourselves. What entitles us to think we are any better as human beings than anyone else on this spinning orb called Earth?  

We actually feel an uneasiness within ourselves when see the less fortunate when we realize that the very person we are judging could be ourselves.  Employed today, unemployed tomorrow, and on food stamps. How many people have you seen this happen to?

Do not judge these people for accepting help, the poor woman would be allowing False Pride to starve her children if she did not and then you would be judging her for child abuse and neglect!

Search within yourself for a solution.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Admitting that you need someone is not a declaration of weakness but rather an admission of empowerment. You have reached a milestone on your journey where you can see the usefulness for human contact and companionship.

Many people will pass through our lives, coming and going at various stages of our emotional development.  Lasting friendships are formed. Dynamic partnerships. Blazing Love Affairs. All of these are important. Not all of them remain a constant in your life, in fact most of them fade to memories, making way for new relationships to form.

To be complete a well balanced blend of relationships is healthy, and there is nothing wrong with admitting that you need someone.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Love is Respect. It can't be said i any more simpler terms.
It isn't doing or saying things degrading or demeaning to yourself or your partner, with the exception of mutual role play games.

The point I am trying to make is there is no shame in loving with your whole heart, but there is shame in taking advantage of someone's good nature or disabilities. This shows not only a lack of respect for yourself as a human being, but for humanity and the collective universe at large.

Love should be reciprocal, a mutual feeling that is built upon honesty and trust.  It should not be something taken from someone's fears or insecurities, robbing them of their self esteem and leaving them void of their soul. Theft of the soul is an abominable crime.

Love yourself enough to see the signs of charismatic predators who are willing to feed off your essence like a blood thirsty monster.

Respect Yourself. Protect Yourself. Empower Yourself with Knowledge.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loving Completely

  • Love can transform you into the being you were always meant to be if you allow it.  To open up yourself to someone else can be very frightening, but is a necessary step to move forward.
  • You must love with complete unabanadon, offering everything within you to the relationship. 
  •  Give to the Relationship , rather than always seeking what you can take from it.  By giving your benefits will be increased a thousand fold.
  • Don't try to hide your flaws, accept yourself for who you are, and improve upon them. Trying to deceive your partner by hiding your imperfections and indiscretions will only cheat you out of Real Love.
  • Likewise accept your partner for who they are, imperfections and are.
  • Respect yourself and your partner enough to keep lines of communication open and flowing, Maintaining dialogue is essential in any relationship. Lack of Communication leads to Relationship Meltdown and Unfair Assumptions.
  • Remember to love them, and wish them well if things change.  Letting go with Love will bring comfort to you.

Born This Way

I am an aggressive, dominant female and I was born this way.  It is empowering for me to say those words, to embrace the Goddess within myself.

Most of my life I have had to make excuses for why I am dominant due to preconceived notions that women are somehow delicate wilting blossoms, and thus the weaker sex.

I was blessed with a progressive thinking Grandfather who played a major role in my upbringing, and began my eduction at the age of three. He adored women and believed they should have a higher role in society, and what is more important he passed that on to me. 

Education is Power, whether you are self taught or not. I read every book he handed me, and always kept in mind that I should strive to learn something new everyday.

Don't be ashamed of who you are, shine on. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Stoked

Relationships are intense in the beginning, like a roaring fire blazing away on a cold winter's night. We bask in the joy, comfort and sometimes even the dynamic warmth they bring into our lives. We are content, and have a sense of security.

Untended, the fire will dwindle to embers, and if completely ignored will be reduced to a pile of ashes. The fire needs to be stoked, fed, if you will. Once the hot embers are stoked, and the fire is fed more wood, the blaze rejuvenates it's self . The fire has been resurrected and again has purpose and usefulness.

Observe the relationships in your life, especially the one with yourself. Do they need stoking? Are they as intense as they once were or have they been reduced to embers?

You are worth stoking. Taking time to improve your relationship with yourself and exploring the energy dynamics that you create will improve not only yourself, but give you that purpose that you have  been searching for.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Suck The Venom Out.

Letting go of one's old idea's can be challenging and frustrating, but is a vital obstacle to overcome in the personal healing process.

Often times we tend to hold on to our pain, and the tragedies that have befallen us. This will only lead to more suffering and stunt our emotional, social and spiritual growth. We have to let it go.

If a sane person were bit by a poisonous snake, they would find the means necessary to remove that snake's venom from their veins. They would not allow it to continue to coarse through their veins, knowing the ultimate result would be death.

Holding onto sadness, prior abuse, regret, and holding grudges will poison your system in the very same way a snakes venom will. It will fester inside you, control your thoughts, and ultimately rob you of any actual true happiness that you deserve.

Did you deserve these things to happen to you? No.

Does anyone deserve to be bitten by a snake?  No.

Point is You don't have to die inside, or be dead inside.

Suck the Venom Out! 

The Only Person you can change is you, and you are well worth the effort.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Universal Beliefs of The Goddess

The following are Universal Beliefs. I hold these to be stepping stones to happy and joyous life.
1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
* This does not mean do unto others before they do unto you, as often we are tempted to do.
2. What we sow, so shall we reap
* If we waste our life putting out negative energy and resentment with gossip and hatred, leaving little or no room for seeds of love to grow, common sense tells us there can be no love where there is no love.
3. We are all created Equal
* Every Human  being was created to be equal, not one of us genetically perfect in our DNA structure.
4. To Enrich your life or the life of another through your experiences, strengths and hope is a common bond shared within humanity.
* Helping and sharing, even if it is just lending an ear improves the landscape of our planet.
5.  It is through being humble that we master our emotions. Submission is vital to emotional maturity.
* During the act of submission we are free to give completely of ourselves.  Growth comes from humility.

6. We all have choices on this planet we call Earth. We can create our own Destiny though the choices we make. Choose wisely.

To Love Somebody

Love knows no boundaries and has no limitations. Love can achieve the impossible, overcome any obstacle, and will win everytime.

To love somebody means complete acceptance of that person. Yes I am speaking of Physical love, the kind of love you have for a partner. You have the ability to see beyond the physical realm, and it reaches a deep soul love. Handicaps, quirks, sexual gender in most cases of deep soul love fade away. Nothing matters but your feelings for that person. It is a beautiful thing to be able to love with no conditions.

There are people out there who try to turn this kind of love into an ugly thing, and say you don't have the right to love your partner. They are afraid. Afraid they will never be able to know what it means to find Real Love and be Complete.

Accepting yourself and others will lead to Love and Empowerment. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ambassador of Hope

Ever gaze upon the majestic prism of a Rainbow after a Storm and notice how well the colours blend together to form an Ambassador of Hope?

The symbolization of the Rainbow as Hope has been widely recognized for eons. Hope is Universal and is essential to survival. Ask anyone in a life or death situation what kept them going and they will you that they never lost Hope.

Look at Humanity in all of it's Majesty, is it not unlike the Rainbow? All Diverse Cultures blending together perfectly in a prism. We need to open our eyes and see the prismatic view and all of its' majestic glory.

Embrace The Rainbow Race.

Empower Yourself Through Enlightenment.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Commitment Ceremony For Empowerment

I will Love , Honour and Cherish Myself.
I will never take my life for granted.  Each day is a gift and I am blessed with the opportunity to be able to learn something new everyday.

I will not condone abuse in any way shape or form. It is detrimental to my well being. 

I will be a channel of love and peace, ever striving to be of maximum service to mankind. 

Through Enlightenment I shall have Empowerment.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


My son's dog passed on today. He was thirteen years old and had been slowing down for sometime now, but even though we were prepared for the day to come, I must admit it hit us harder than either of us would care to admit. 

Neptune, that was his name, was a finely bred German Shepard. He was loyal, obedient and protective. All the qualities you look for in a best friend or companion.

Neptune and another Shepard of mine literally walked through fire with me to save my children from a home fire. The loss was devastating, it was the only home my autistic son had ever known, and we lost all of our material possessions. Autistic children do not handle change well, and my poor son's life was devastated. My life was saved that day with the help of those dogs. Their Compassion, Guidance and Protection of My children gave me the will to persevere. I DID NOT LOSE EVERYTHING. I HAD MY CHILDREN.

A friend of mine, God Bless Him, was trying to console me, and said, "Dogs go to Heaven Too."

I really believe that All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rape is A Crime of Power

RAPE is a violent crime which is often misunderstood. Most people think of it as a Sexual Crime, while it is true that the crime is sexual in nature, the actual crime is all about POWER.  The POWER the assailant can exert over his victim is the perverseness that drives him to commit the atrocity. Sex just happens to be the weapon of choice the assailant uses to strip the victim of their dignity, their well being, self esteem, sense of security, mental health and physical health.

I know this first hand. Every aspect of my life was affected by RAPE. I became agoraphobic, and would not leave my home for years, ballooned to an unhealthy weight of 463 pounds, suffered numerous mental breakdowns, ashamed to say it, but even tried to take my life. 

My assailant was never adjucated. Furthermore during questioning, I was made to feel like I had done something to deserve it simply because I was at a bar looking for my boyfriend, although I was not drinking. Why was it so important to question my reason for being at a bar? Shouldn't they have asked him why he dragged me to an abandoned house and raped me? My power was taken away from me by my assailant, the detectives, and sad to say, by myself for years.

I add myself in there, because I chose to live in that mess in my mind.  It triggered childhood memories of incest and I became fearful of people places and things. I lived in Irrational Fear. Instead of EMPOWERING Myself I made Myself Powerless.

I hear now that in the USA the GOP wants to change the guidelines for RAPE convictions. It's hard enough to get a conviction already. Are they on the side of truth and justice, or are they POWER Hungry like THE RAPISTS who commit the crimes?

I implore you to write your Senate and Congressional Leaders and tell them how you feel about this. 

I have come through the other side, EMPOWERED.

Friday, February 4, 2011

You Are Not A Label

Owning your own part in situations can be very empowering. Realizing that there are things about yourself that are things people just don't like about you and will never like about you no matter how much you try to change them will set you free.

I had conflicts with my mother my entire life, always seeking her approval, and no matter what I did I could never win her approval. It was when she was dying that it came ti light why I would never win her approval. She felt I was too strong for her. After she had dragged me through the house by my hair , beating me up side my face call in me a cyber whore, with my sister merrily joining in, she told me that she though my sister needed her more than me because she was declared slow as a child. I was dumbfounded. I have three children myself, one has significant mr/dd delays and is Autistic, one is brilliant and is seeking a Doctorate in in Social Communications and one graduated high school and works at a factory, I love them all equally.

I never did strike my mother back during the assualt, I never struck my mother my entire life. My sister and Mother were constantly at eachother's throats and had a volatile relationship. Perhaps it was the fact my grandfather raised me and I was raised not to strike your parents or elders for that matter.

The Cyber Whore Comment did sting, I will admit. I write naughty stories, does that make me a Cyber Whore?  No. I choose not to own that today.

I was my Mother's Medical Power of Attorney. I had to coordinate her care while she was dying from cancer. I consulted with Oncologists, Radioloigists, Nurses, Nursing Home Care Givers, and Hospice Personnel. I did this and consulted her along the way. I went to visit her as often as I could, and would take my Autistic son to see her. It was hard for me to juggle caretaking duties between him, her and my elderly husband.

I have accepted that I did the best that I could possibly do given the situation.

For awhile it played upon my mind that My Mother thought a Cyber Whore held her as she died, while I envisioned the river for her to cross over to complete her journey, and end her suffering.

Not Anymore.

I don't have to accept labels others place upon me.