Monday, February 28, 2011

Union Proud. Union Strong, Unions Keep America Working

My Father was a proud Steelworker and a Union member. He supported not just his Union but all of the Local Unions. He instilled in me at an early age that the Union worked together as a Family looking out for the best interests of each other. Making sure that their brothers and sisters in the Union were protected and their rights were preserved.

During Contract Negotiations they were able to have representation for Collective Bargaining to make sure that they received the best Health Care at The Best rates, after all they had served there employer well, shouldn't their Health and well being be important to their Employer as well?

My Father also taught me to never cross a picket line. This was something he believed very strongly in, to the point he stood in Solidarity with The Teachers and kept me home from school during strikes.He would often supply the picket line with Hot coffee. Solidarity For Our Unions.

I honour My father and all the hard working Men and Women who are fighting to keep their Collective Bargaining Rights. My Father was a Very wise Man.

Union Proud. Union Strong, Unions Keep America Working.

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