Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being Judgemental

Many of us do it. Look at the woman in the grocery store purchasing groceries with  food stamps and think ill of her, not taking into consideration her personal circutmstances.  Perhaps we look at the homeless man on the street and say he likes living that way, and is just a waste of space. Do we know what led to his fate? No. Do we honestly even care if we are honest about it? Probably not. 

It is easier to sit in judgement of others than to do something than to fix the problem. I am not even talking about the other person's problem. I am talking about the problem within ourselves. What entitles us to think we are any better as human beings than anyone else on this spinning orb called Earth?  

We actually feel an uneasiness within ourselves when see the less fortunate when we realize that the very person we are judging could be ourselves.  Employed today, unemployed tomorrow, and on food stamps. How many people have you seen this happen to?

Do not judge these people for accepting help, the poor woman would be allowing False Pride to starve her children if she did not and then you would be judging her for child abuse and neglect!

Search within yourself for a solution.

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