Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Children of Ambivilance

Often times it is easy to turn the other way when someone we know has an obvious problem, whether it be with alcohol, drugs, or mental illness. We say it is their problem, and they will change when they are ready. This may very well be true. You can not force someone to change. They have to want it for themselves.

Minding your own business isn't always the best option, however if children are involved.

Children deserve to be free of abuse and neglect. They deserve to grow in a nurturing and caring environment, or the cycle is destined to repeat it's self and another generation of dysfunctional  adults will enter society. They are The Children of Ambivilance. The children who's mental welfare was never ensured when society decided that their parents would change when they were ready. They are actually lucky to be alive, for some of them there upbringing was similar to war ravaged country, and were left to their own devices to survive.

Don't turn your back on the children. Help them, they can't and shouldn't have to help themselves.

I am a Child Of Ambivilance. I did receive help, if you are one too, please get the help you deserve. All children deserve to see their parents smile.

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