Thursday, February 10, 2011

Suck The Venom Out.

Letting go of one's old idea's can be challenging and frustrating, but is a vital obstacle to overcome in the personal healing process.

Often times we tend to hold on to our pain, and the tragedies that have befallen us. This will only lead to more suffering and stunt our emotional, social and spiritual growth. We have to let it go.

If a sane person were bit by a poisonous snake, they would find the means necessary to remove that snake's venom from their veins. They would not allow it to continue to coarse through their veins, knowing the ultimate result would be death.

Holding onto sadness, prior abuse, regret, and holding grudges will poison your system in the very same way a snakes venom will. It will fester inside you, control your thoughts, and ultimately rob you of any actual true happiness that you deserve.

Did you deserve these things to happen to you? No.

Does anyone deserve to be bitten by a snake?  No.

Point is You don't have to die inside, or be dead inside.

Suck the Venom Out! 

The Only Person you can change is you, and you are well worth the effort.

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