Sunday, February 6, 2011


My son's dog passed on today. He was thirteen years old and had been slowing down for sometime now, but even though we were prepared for the day to come, I must admit it hit us harder than either of us would care to admit. 

Neptune, that was his name, was a finely bred German Shepard. He was loyal, obedient and protective. All the qualities you look for in a best friend or companion.

Neptune and another Shepard of mine literally walked through fire with me to save my children from a home fire. The loss was devastating, it was the only home my autistic son had ever known, and we lost all of our material possessions. Autistic children do not handle change well, and my poor son's life was devastated. My life was saved that day with the help of those dogs. Their Compassion, Guidance and Protection of My children gave me the will to persevere. I DID NOT LOSE EVERYTHING. I HAD MY CHILDREN.

A friend of mine, God Bless Him, was trying to console me, and said, "Dogs go to Heaven Too."

I really believe that All Dogs Go To Heaven.

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