Sunday, February 13, 2011


Love is Respect. It can't be said i any more simpler terms.
It isn't doing or saying things degrading or demeaning to yourself or your partner, with the exception of mutual role play games.

The point I am trying to make is there is no shame in loving with your whole heart, but there is shame in taking advantage of someone's good nature or disabilities. This shows not only a lack of respect for yourself as a human being, but for humanity and the collective universe at large.

Love should be reciprocal, a mutual feeling that is built upon honesty and trust.  It should not be something taken from someone's fears or insecurities, robbing them of their self esteem and leaving them void of their soul. Theft of the soul is an abominable crime.

Love yourself enough to see the signs of charismatic predators who are willing to feed off your essence like a blood thirsty monster.

Respect Yourself. Protect Yourself. Empower Yourself with Knowledge.

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