Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loving Completely

  • Love can transform you into the being you were always meant to be if you allow it.  To open up yourself to someone else can be very frightening, but is a necessary step to move forward.
  • You must love with complete unabanadon, offering everything within you to the relationship. 
  •  Give to the Relationship , rather than always seeking what you can take from it.  By giving your benefits will be increased a thousand fold.
  • Don't try to hide your flaws, accept yourself for who you are, and improve upon them. Trying to deceive your partner by hiding your imperfections and indiscretions will only cheat you out of Real Love.
  • Likewise accept your partner for who they are, imperfections and are.
  • Respect yourself and your partner enough to keep lines of communication open and flowing, Maintaining dialogue is essential in any relationship. Lack of Communication leads to Relationship Meltdown and Unfair Assumptions.
  • Remember to love them, and wish them well if things change.  Letting go with Love will bring comfort to you.

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