Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

To be uneducated and unaware of your choices is a scary thing and sometimes leads to acts of desperation. So you ask yourself, why would anyone in this day and age of our advanced technology be or choose to be uneducated?

Sometimes they have no choice. Poverty has made that choice for them.

For instance the young teen who goes to a local Planned Parenthood Center for Counseling.  She is provided with options through federally funded programs to protect her from an unwanted pregnancy, HIV, STD"s, and is even given screenings for Cervical Cancer. She is Empowered with Education. She has choices, and can lead a full productive life, and for all intents and purpose become a useful part of society, perhaps even contributing back to what society has given her one day because she has received an education.

Now let's consider what could happen to this young girl without these resources. Perhaps she could have unprotected sex, and end up with an unwanted pregnancy. Without Planned Parenthood, she did not realize that one night of unprotected sex would lead to this. She had not been offered affordable Birth Control nor Counseling for that matter. She conceals her pregnancy out of shame and fear. A resentment builds within her against the poor innocent baby she is carrying. She schemes to find a way to get rid of her mistake, as her mind grows mentally ill. At the tender age of 15. without proper nutrition and Pre Natal Care, she gives Birth alone to a premature baby and commits infanticide.

Could this have been averted? YES.

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