Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rape is A Crime of Power

RAPE is a violent crime which is often misunderstood. Most people think of it as a Sexual Crime, while it is true that the crime is sexual in nature, the actual crime is all about POWER.  The POWER the assailant can exert over his victim is the perverseness that drives him to commit the atrocity. Sex just happens to be the weapon of choice the assailant uses to strip the victim of their dignity, their well being, self esteem, sense of security, mental health and physical health.

I know this first hand. Every aspect of my life was affected by RAPE. I became agoraphobic, and would not leave my home for years, ballooned to an unhealthy weight of 463 pounds, suffered numerous mental breakdowns, ashamed to say it, but even tried to take my life. 

My assailant was never adjucated. Furthermore during questioning, I was made to feel like I had done something to deserve it simply because I was at a bar looking for my boyfriend, although I was not drinking. Why was it so important to question my reason for being at a bar? Shouldn't they have asked him why he dragged me to an abandoned house and raped me? My power was taken away from me by my assailant, the detectives, and sad to say, by myself for years.

I add myself in there, because I chose to live in that mess in my mind.  It triggered childhood memories of incest and I became fearful of people places and things. I lived in Irrational Fear. Instead of EMPOWERING Myself I made Myself Powerless.

I hear now that in the USA the GOP wants to change the guidelines for RAPE convictions. It's hard enough to get a conviction already. Are they on the side of truth and justice, or are they POWER Hungry like THE RAPISTS who commit the crimes?

I implore you to write your Senate and Congressional Leaders and tell them how you feel about this. 

I have come through the other side, EMPOWERED.

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