Saturday, April 30, 2011

Falling Dominoes- a poem

Like a set of falling dominoes
One life touches the other
In a World that never slows
We all drone away together

The Price is passed on
Or so it would seem
To The next Generation
Or So it would seem

We all pay a heavy price
For all their crimes
We are mere grains of rice
It's a sign of  Times

And so the domino falls
To pay for their sins
Our backs against the walls
He Looks at us and grins

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gas Prices are Killing The Economy

This is the way the so called Domino Theory comes into action. Gas prices rise to an astronomical level, in some places the average $4.25 a gallon. Diesel is just as high, if not higher. The companies that transport good to the local supermarket feel the pain at the pump, and charge the supermarket a higher price for their services, so the supermarket in turn charges the consumer a higher price to cover the whammy he was just slapped with.

In the meantime the average person is already paying outrageous prices at the pump. He spends so much on fuel, that he can no longer afford to go shopping for luxury items, or go out for date night to the movies, or even out to dinner. His money is all spent on bills and his gas tank.

The Dominoes just keep falling.

I would suggest we dump Oil into the Ocean as a means of a Protest of the High Prices, but that is Morally and Etihcally wrong, and besides I think BP beat me to the Punch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For Bella &The Earth Children

I have a grand daughter whose smile spreads from her lips to her eyes. This in turn spreads to my heart, and overwhelms it with a smile. Her name is Bella and she lives up to her name which means beautiful.

Her wide eyed innocence and laughter is amazing. I am grateful that she has the ability to see beauty in the world, for there are glimpses of it if you look hard enough for it.

Bella lives an Organic lifestyle, and is an Earth Friendly Toddler, her food is Farm Fresh, Her Diapers are Made of Cloth. even he Play Ball is made of 100% Recycled Material. She loves her pets, and her parents. She an Earth Child.

There are other Earth Children out there with Earth Parents who do the Right thing day after day, with the hopes of preserving our Great Planet for The Next Generation and Future Generations to come, but they can't do it all by themselves. 

If you Keep Taking From Mother Earth, and not putting anything back, soon all of our Natural Resources will be depleted. This leaves nothing for The Smiles of Bella and the Other Earth Children. I IMPLORE you, Please do your part for The Earth Children.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I know many of you out there will probably hate me for saying this, but I feel perhaps America is being a Bit of a Hypocrite when it says it supports Peaceful Demonstrations, and offers helps to Rebels in other countries when they rise up against their Government.

I am not Anti-American. I love this Country. I just haven't forgotten what happened when a Group of Intellectual College Students who were against the bombings in Cambodia and The Vietnam War decided to assemble on The Kent State University Campus and hold a Demonstration of their Protest. Our Government didn't respond kindly to their right to assemble, or to protest the war. Instead , The National Guard was called in to break up the event, and they used force. Shots were fired, against unarmed students, and lives were lost, because they spoke out against the Government. Does any of this sound familiar to the way things are handled in other countries today?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

God Said No


I begged him to give me what I wanted
I thought i knew what was best for myself
I never gave a though about what i needed
Only about my superficial selfish wanton self

I meandered my way through my life
I knew no real purpose had no time
I had become wicked, my tongue a knife
I felt God had committed an unholy crime

Knowing me better than i knew myself
For my life was in self destructive mode
Begging foolishly for an old love on a shelf
Infinite wisdom knew better, and put it on hold

He opened my eyes to a brand new way
Giving me what i needed, not what I wanted
Thank you for saying No, that night I did pray
I found all I ever needed is all I ever wanted

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Christ, The First Humanitarian

This Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day, it is also Good Friday. How fitting that both of them fall on the same day. They both represent Hope for Our Earth and Humanity. Earth Day is supposed to be a day of renewal for the Earth, and Good Friday is observed as the Day The Lord Jesus Christ was sacrificed for humanity on the cross at calvary so that their could be a renewal of Humanity here on Earth .

Theologians will say that Christ was here so that we could have Eternal Life one Day, or at least have the hope of Eternal Life, but I dare to say that is not the only reason he was here. Christ came here to teach humanity to humans who did not know how to be human. he taught us that it was okay not to be perfect, that he had that job covered for us. He taught us to love one another and to not be bigotted. Christ accepted the Gentiles , who were in his day, looked upon as trash, but it was the Gentiles, and Mary Magdalene, who was looked upon as a woman of loose morals, whom Christ chose to associate with. Christ was not Racist, nor was he Condescending. This Perfect Man , who was in fact better than every one else, did not portray himself in that light. He wore an air of humility and grace. He was a Beacon of Light , spreading the knowledge of Love and Compassion wherever he took his Ministry.

I believe that Christ was The Original Humanitarian, and to that end I owe him everything, for he has taught me everything.

Sunday, April 17, 2011



Everyday the pain cuts deeper, sharper , stabbing
I feel love's daggers, and I come back once more
Like a glutton I search hungrily for a bite, grabbing
All the while, knowing it's coming, for me what's in store

I can't escape, love's sadistic violent rage
Chewing up bits of my tattered broken heart
I am love's whipped beast , shackled in a cage
My lover and I destined to play a shameful part

Tears of warm blood stream down my face
My pain and shame I no longer can conceal
I know I will endure, having not yet run the race
I am comfortable with this, love's pain is real

The longing, the burning,  fire, I have them all
I adore my pain, and the wielder of my torture
I listen closely, I listen intently, i can't miss the call
Knowing that all my pain is done and love is rapture

Friday, April 15, 2011

Emancipation Day-A Day of Empowerment

On April 16, 1862 President Abraham Lincoln signed The Emancipation Proclamation and and turned a page a in history as we knew it in America.

No longer were people allowed to be owned like cattle, they were given their basic human rights back, in theory. Though it would be  a long time coming, and unfortunately in some instances bigotry and hatred still prevail with those who still feel a certain sense of entitlement.

I do celebrate the abolishment of slavery, and observe Emancipation Day. I believe that all men were created equal and are thus granted certain inalienable rights. We have the right to be free from restraint. We have the right to freedom of speech. We have the right to breathe fresh air, and drink clean water. To be free from oppression. We have the right to love and be loved. We have the right to live.

I will not be oppressed. I will not let anyone hold me down again. I have the right to love and be loved. I am free in America, and I am Emancipated, Empowered.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Collective Harmony- poem

Lift your voice to meet mine
One sweet voice, collectively
Together blended in harmony
Blend it in,  Unity is lovely
Together, blended in harmony

Reach out your hand
Reach out your heart
I will take your hand
Please take my heart

A collective soul, A collective voice
A world ready for collective harmony
Add your soul, your, heart, and voice
Become a paty of collective harmony

Monday, April 11, 2011

Civil War 2-Rich vs Poor

I was watching a movie on The Civil War last night, and like President Obama , President Lincoln is one of the people who inspire me.  He took a great risk going to war when the country was divided, going to war against it's self to end oppression and try to even the playing field.

Today the poor are still oppressed by those who feel a sense of entitlement, who were born into money, find ways to avoid paying their taxes, and use their employees to pay their taxes for them, They use their power and prestige to lobby those in congress and senate to make the tides turn their way, and do it under the guise of "Old Time Moral Values".  Just like The Confederacy, they have a lifestyle to preserve, a heritage and a legacy that they stand for. they are after all, Conservative America, Right?

I have Southern Roots, but I also know that in the south you take care of your family. America is supposed to be a Family. United as One. United We will Stand, Divided we will surely Fall, and sadly America is Falling. Cutting Healthcare to impoverished women and children is not taking care of your family. You Might as well throw us into slave quarters while you preserve your Fat Cat Heritage, and that of your friends.

It is My Prayer that we do not have another Civil War, but it is coming down to Rich VS. Poor  here in The United States of America.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Even Up The Playing Field For Tax Payers

If a person on a federally funded program receives a cash gift from someone they are mandated by law to report it as it affects their benefits. It is considered income. This Monetary Gift could affect their Benefits. They are not entitled.

On the other hand...

If you come from "Old Money" you are allowed to receive all the monetary gifts you want, and don't have to pay taxes on it either, even if it is your sole source of income. Furhtermore when the money is transferred from Grandpa's account he not only is exempt from paying taxes on it, he gets to write you off as a charity. A three way win.

Is this "Old Money" doing anything for the Economy? NO. it does not work for America, it just bounces around from bank account, to bank account, avoiding taxation and all with the Government's Approval. If Tax Law's were adjusted and some of the loopholes were tied up, maybe the Poverty Stricken Working Class who just can't seem to cut a break wouldn't have to carry the burden of the country's deficit alone.

Listen Up Republican's, your answer to the deficit lies in evening up the playing field.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Civil War II in America?

Could another Civil War happen in this Country? That sounds unrealistic to some, but some people can only be pushed so far as we are finding out in the Middle east and now even in China there are hints of Civil Unrest amongst the population.

This American Citizen is well aware of the fact that our country is in debt to point it is literally choking on it's own blood from years of wasteful spending on quite frankly, if I am honest, years spent in a war we had no business in, and today the people repay our troops by protesting in the streets for them to get out of their country. Money has also been wasted lining the pockets of friends of politicians known as lobbyists, big oil brokers, wall street tycoons, Insurance Company CEO's, and all this was done under the watchful eye of a Republican Administration.

Now the Republicans in an effort to cleanup an eight year mess want to take away all social reform programs, calling them "Luxury Spending". Since when did a cancer screening for a woman become a luxury? Since when did preventing and HIV Pandemic become a Luxury? Stopping funding to Planned Parenthood under the guise of Pro Life is False Advertising, and a Marketing strategy for the Republican Party. Without Education and Resources, any impoverished teens could contract HIV and spread it unknowingly, causing a Pandemic. The State of Mississippi already subscribes to Doctrine of Ignorance. Are the Republicans poising themselves for another Civil War?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let a Mother Fix The Budget Crisis

It appears our Government is going to shut down while Libya's Government continues to function, Ironic isn't it? Perhaps we have a few Tyrants of our own up on Capitol Hill who are just so damned used to having their own way they aren't willing to budge for the good of their own country. Perhaps we need a Regime Change. I am in no way blaming this on the President, as he has encouraged them to get this document signed on numerous occasions. Each party simply has their own agenda and proving who is right and who is wrong is much more important than what's really at stake for this country.

Why in the hell has it taken so long to come up with a budget anyway? Honestly. I, like many other Americans am on a fixed income and have to budget my money and decide what money is essential, like paying the bills, and what is discretionary , like say perhaps buying my Autistic son a treat. Am I perfect at this? No, sometimes it breaks my heart to tell him that Mommy can't afford to buy him a new radio this month, maybe next month, or we will save up for it. The point is everyone learns to live within their means, and they know which bills are the important ones also and which ones are the luxury ones too.

So I say this to you Ego Maniacs on Capitol Hill, If you can't do your job, the let some of us who have been living on Fixed Incomes for years do it. We know how to get the job done.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Does Your Elected Official Work for You or Their Own EGO?

The inability for the Democrats and Republicans to come to an agreement over a budget is clearly a Battle of EGOS. It has become a contest of who's penis is bigger, the DEMS or the GOPs. This is not what we elected them to do.

Granted we did elect them to be our voice on issues that matter, and I am in no way saying that Money does not matter to Americans, but they are bickering essentially over the right to have their way. It is no longer a matter of what is best for our country. Our country could very well shut down, people would be put out of work, lose resources, and all because they want to prove they are the RIGHT one.

Capitol Hill is holding America Hostage much the same way The Libyan Regime does its' people. The only difference being we trusted these people to do a job for us, we elected them to work For The People.  They need to Remember that they work for the PEOPLE , not their damn Political Party, whether it be Democrat or Republican, and Give the Power to to the People.

I am in no way suggesting a Regime Change, I do not Blame President Obama for this Mess, BUT, come next election Rember that these Arrogant, Egotistical, SOBS are willing to compromise your Government because they want to throw Temper Tantrums and don't know how to compromise and get the job done.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Did Mr. Wanna Be Pastor Jones Start The Muslim Witch Trials?

Was the Preacher in Florida who burned the Qur'an afraid of losing his grip on his flock? Perhaps. To burn a Book, especially a Holy Book signifies one's insecurites within themselves. It was without a doubt a condemnable act he committed. This is America. Our Fore Fathers suffered a very hard season to have Freedom of Religion. That means Freedom for everyone, not just a few select.
Perhaps he was afraid the Muslim Holy Book would fall into the wrong hands and all the black and white members of his congregation would turn to colour as they did in the movie "Pleasantville", when they began to read previously forbidden materials. Or perhaps he is much darker, and seeks to run a Modern Day Inquisition. A New Age Salem Witch Trial. We will call it a Muslim Witch Trial, and anyone who doesn't believe as Pastor Jones and his co-horts do must be banished, or burned at the stake.
It bothers me to even call this man a Pastor, for a TRUE man of God, know that Love is all powerful, not spreading hate, and bigotry.
Mr. Wanna Be Pastor Jones Muslim Witch Triials have backfired it seems and have impacted the world. Innocent people are paying the price for his ignorant hate and the burning of the Muslim Holy Book.  UN workers are being killed, and Americans in Muslim Countries are being targeted because of the actions of ONE Extremely Ignorant Man.

I almost wish Mr wanna be pastor Jones was in The Military, so there could be a Tribunal. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autism-Matt's Journey

When my son Matthew was a baby I noticed he wasn't picking up things quite as fast as his sister, who was eighteen months older than him. Being a concerned mother, I asked his pediatrician about it, and his response was, " Don't worry about it. Boys are always slower than girls, and all babies are different."
I was still perplexed by the fact that my son was not making any strides in communication skills. There was no babbling, no gooing, not even any eye contact. This did break my heart, but who was I to question the doctor?

I took my son to a WIC appointment where a Nurse picked up on his delays at the age of  two. My son still could not talk. He was just learning to crawl. His attention span was ten seconds tops on a good day. I was a frazzled Mother. I loved my son with all my heart, I longed to hear him look me in the eye and call me Mommy. I knew that I was failing him somehow. What had I done wrong? What did I do to cause this?

The Nurse had someone come over and watch my on while she explained to me that he was Developmentally Delayed. She also explained to me that it was not my fault, and mentioned Autism to me for the first time. God Bless that Nurse at that WIC appointment. She made referrals for my son to have testing done, so that he could finally get some help.

He went from being mute to verbal, though this took a few years and lots of patience, determination, and hard work from him, his educators, family , doctors, and close friends.

Matthew is now 19 years old,  his attention span is well over ten seconds, and he resides with me. He still has a significant speech impediment, but he is WILLING to Communicate. Sometimes hi social Filter isn't right on cue, but I think that adds to his charm.

Earlier I posed a question, who was I to question the Doctor? I am His MOTHER, and I Love him. That's who I am.

Friday, April 1, 2011

All Fool's Day

Believe  it or not April Fool's Day is a Holy day of sorts for fools.

In the Middle Ages, New Year's Day was celebrated on the 25th of March in most of Europe. In some areas of France, New Year's was a week-long holiday ending on the 1st of April.So it's possible that April Fools originated because those who celebrated on the 1st of January made fun of those who celebrated on other dates. The use of the 1st of January as New Year's Day was common in France by the mid-sixteenth century, and this date was adopted officially in1564.

Naturally, believing them all to be Fools, they were to be made a mockery of . A laughing stock of.  I mean who doesn't know when New Year's Day is Right?

We only know because a Calendar tells us so. Not much has really changed since back then, and the world is still full of FOOLS!