Monday, April 11, 2011

Civil War 2-Rich vs Poor

I was watching a movie on The Civil War last night, and like President Obama , President Lincoln is one of the people who inspire me.  He took a great risk going to war when the country was divided, going to war against it's self to end oppression and try to even the playing field.

Today the poor are still oppressed by those who feel a sense of entitlement, who were born into money, find ways to avoid paying their taxes, and use their employees to pay their taxes for them, They use their power and prestige to lobby those in congress and senate to make the tides turn their way, and do it under the guise of "Old Time Moral Values".  Just like The Confederacy, they have a lifestyle to preserve, a heritage and a legacy that they stand for. they are after all, Conservative America, Right?

I have Southern Roots, but I also know that in the south you take care of your family. America is supposed to be a Family. United as One. United We will Stand, Divided we will surely Fall, and sadly America is Falling. Cutting Healthcare to impoverished women and children is not taking care of your family. You Might as well throw us into slave quarters while you preserve your Fat Cat Heritage, and that of your friends.

It is My Prayer that we do not have another Civil War, but it is coming down to Rich VS. Poor  here in The United States of America.

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