Sunday, April 17, 2011



Everyday the pain cuts deeper, sharper , stabbing
I feel love's daggers, and I come back once more
Like a glutton I search hungrily for a bite, grabbing
All the while, knowing it's coming, for me what's in store

I can't escape, love's sadistic violent rage
Chewing up bits of my tattered broken heart
I am love's whipped beast , shackled in a cage
My lover and I destined to play a shameful part

Tears of warm blood stream down my face
My pain and shame I no longer can conceal
I know I will endure, having not yet run the race
I am comfortable with this, love's pain is real

The longing, the burning,  fire, I have them all
I adore my pain, and the wielder of my torture
I listen closely, I listen intently, i can't miss the call
Knowing that all my pain is done and love is rapture

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