Friday, April 29, 2011

Gas Prices are Killing The Economy

This is the way the so called Domino Theory comes into action. Gas prices rise to an astronomical level, in some places the average $4.25 a gallon. Diesel is just as high, if not higher. The companies that transport good to the local supermarket feel the pain at the pump, and charge the supermarket a higher price for their services, so the supermarket in turn charges the consumer a higher price to cover the whammy he was just slapped with.

In the meantime the average person is already paying outrageous prices at the pump. He spends so much on fuel, that he can no longer afford to go shopping for luxury items, or go out for date night to the movies, or even out to dinner. His money is all spent on bills and his gas tank.

The Dominoes just keep falling.

I would suggest we dump Oil into the Ocean as a means of a Protest of the High Prices, but that is Morally and Etihcally wrong, and besides I think BP beat me to the Punch.

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