Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let a Mother Fix The Budget Crisis

It appears our Government is going to shut down while Libya's Government continues to function, Ironic isn't it? Perhaps we have a few Tyrants of our own up on Capitol Hill who are just so damned used to having their own way they aren't willing to budge for the good of their own country. Perhaps we need a Regime Change. I am in no way blaming this on the President, as he has encouraged them to get this document signed on numerous occasions. Each party simply has their own agenda and proving who is right and who is wrong is much more important than what's really at stake for this country.

Why in the hell has it taken so long to come up with a budget anyway? Honestly. I, like many other Americans am on a fixed income and have to budget my money and decide what money is essential, like paying the bills, and what is discretionary , like say perhaps buying my Autistic son a treat. Am I perfect at this? No, sometimes it breaks my heart to tell him that Mommy can't afford to buy him a new radio this month, maybe next month, or we will save up for it. The point is everyone learns to live within their means, and they know which bills are the important ones also and which ones are the luxury ones too.

So I say this to you Ego Maniacs on Capitol Hill, If you can't do your job, the let some of us who have been living on Fixed Incomes for years do it. We know how to get the job done.

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