Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Christ, The First Humanitarian

This Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day, it is also Good Friday. How fitting that both of them fall on the same day. They both represent Hope for Our Earth and Humanity. Earth Day is supposed to be a day of renewal for the Earth, and Good Friday is observed as the Day The Lord Jesus Christ was sacrificed for humanity on the cross at calvary so that their could be a renewal of Humanity here on Earth .

Theologians will say that Christ was here so that we could have Eternal Life one Day, or at least have the hope of Eternal Life, but I dare to say that is not the only reason he was here. Christ came here to teach humanity to humans who did not know how to be human. he taught us that it was okay not to be perfect, that he had that job covered for us. He taught us to love one another and to not be bigotted. Christ accepted the Gentiles , who were in his day, looked upon as trash, but it was the Gentiles, and Mary Magdalene, who was looked upon as a woman of loose morals, whom Christ chose to associate with. Christ was not Racist, nor was he Condescending. This Perfect Man , who was in fact better than every one else, did not portray himself in that light. He wore an air of humility and grace. He was a Beacon of Light , spreading the knowledge of Love and Compassion wherever he took his Ministry.

I believe that Christ was The Original Humanitarian, and to that end I owe him everything, for he has taught me everything.

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