Monday, April 4, 2011

Did Mr. Wanna Be Pastor Jones Start The Muslim Witch Trials?

Was the Preacher in Florida who burned the Qur'an afraid of losing his grip on his flock? Perhaps. To burn a Book, especially a Holy Book signifies one's insecurites within themselves. It was without a doubt a condemnable act he committed. This is America. Our Fore Fathers suffered a very hard season to have Freedom of Religion. That means Freedom for everyone, not just a few select.
Perhaps he was afraid the Muslim Holy Book would fall into the wrong hands and all the black and white members of his congregation would turn to colour as they did in the movie "Pleasantville", when they began to read previously forbidden materials. Or perhaps he is much darker, and seeks to run a Modern Day Inquisition. A New Age Salem Witch Trial. We will call it a Muslim Witch Trial, and anyone who doesn't believe as Pastor Jones and his co-horts do must be banished, or burned at the stake.
It bothers me to even call this man a Pastor, for a TRUE man of God, know that Love is all powerful, not spreading hate, and bigotry.
Mr. Wanna Be Pastor Jones Muslim Witch Triials have backfired it seems and have impacted the world. Innocent people are paying the price for his ignorant hate and the burning of the Muslim Holy Book.  UN workers are being killed, and Americans in Muslim Countries are being targeted because of the actions of ONE Extremely Ignorant Man.

I almost wish Mr wanna be pastor Jones was in The Military, so there could be a Tribunal. 

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