Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autism-Matt's Journey

When my son Matthew was a baby I noticed he wasn't picking up things quite as fast as his sister, who was eighteen months older than him. Being a concerned mother, I asked his pediatrician about it, and his response was, " Don't worry about it. Boys are always slower than girls, and all babies are different."
I was still perplexed by the fact that my son was not making any strides in communication skills. There was no babbling, no gooing, not even any eye contact. This did break my heart, but who was I to question the doctor?

I took my son to a WIC appointment where a Nurse picked up on his delays at the age of  two. My son still could not talk. He was just learning to crawl. His attention span was ten seconds tops on a good day. I was a frazzled Mother. I loved my son with all my heart, I longed to hear him look me in the eye and call me Mommy. I knew that I was failing him somehow. What had I done wrong? What did I do to cause this?

The Nurse had someone come over and watch my on while she explained to me that he was Developmentally Delayed. She also explained to me that it was not my fault, and mentioned Autism to me for the first time. God Bless that Nurse at that WIC appointment. She made referrals for my son to have testing done, so that he could finally get some help.

He went from being mute to verbal, though this took a few years and lots of patience, determination, and hard work from him, his educators, family , doctors, and close friends.

Matthew is now 19 years old,  his attention span is well over ten seconds, and he resides with me. He still has a significant speech impediment, but he is WILLING to Communicate. Sometimes hi social Filter isn't right on cue, but I think that adds to his charm.

Earlier I posed a question, who was I to question the Doctor? I am His MOTHER, and I Love him. That's who I am.

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