Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Does Your Elected Official Work for You or Their Own EGO?

The inability for the Democrats and Republicans to come to an agreement over a budget is clearly a Battle of EGOS. It has become a contest of who's penis is bigger, the DEMS or the GOPs. This is not what we elected them to do.

Granted we did elect them to be our voice on issues that matter, and I am in no way saying that Money does not matter to Americans, but they are bickering essentially over the right to have their way. It is no longer a matter of what is best for our country. Our country could very well shut down, people would be put out of work, lose resources, and all because they want to prove they are the RIGHT one.

Capitol Hill is holding America Hostage much the same way The Libyan Regime does its' people. The only difference being we trusted these people to do a job for us, we elected them to work For The People.  They need to Remember that they work for the PEOPLE , not their damn Political Party, whether it be Democrat or Republican, and Give the Power to to the People.

I am in no way suggesting a Regime Change, I do not Blame President Obama for this Mess, BUT, come next election Rember that these Arrogant, Egotistical, SOBS are willing to compromise your Government because they want to throw Temper Tantrums and don't know how to compromise and get the job done.

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