Saturday, April 9, 2011

Civil War II in America?

Could another Civil War happen in this Country? That sounds unrealistic to some, but some people can only be pushed so far as we are finding out in the Middle east and now even in China there are hints of Civil Unrest amongst the population.

This American Citizen is well aware of the fact that our country is in debt to point it is literally choking on it's own blood from years of wasteful spending on quite frankly, if I am honest, years spent in a war we had no business in, and today the people repay our troops by protesting in the streets for them to get out of their country. Money has also been wasted lining the pockets of friends of politicians known as lobbyists, big oil brokers, wall street tycoons, Insurance Company CEO's, and all this was done under the watchful eye of a Republican Administration.

Now the Republicans in an effort to cleanup an eight year mess want to take away all social reform programs, calling them "Luxury Spending". Since when did a cancer screening for a woman become a luxury? Since when did preventing and HIV Pandemic become a Luxury? Stopping funding to Planned Parenthood under the guise of Pro Life is False Advertising, and a Marketing strategy for the Republican Party. Without Education and Resources, any impoverished teens could contract HIV and spread it unknowingly, causing a Pandemic. The State of Mississippi already subscribes to Doctrine of Ignorance. Are the Republicans poising themselves for another Civil War?

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