Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Stoked

Relationships are intense in the beginning, like a roaring fire blazing away on a cold winter's night. We bask in the joy, comfort and sometimes even the dynamic warmth they bring into our lives. We are content, and have a sense of security.

Untended, the fire will dwindle to embers, and if completely ignored will be reduced to a pile of ashes. The fire needs to be stoked, fed, if you will. Once the hot embers are stoked, and the fire is fed more wood, the blaze rejuvenates it's self . The fire has been resurrected and again has purpose and usefulness.

Observe the relationships in your life, especially the one with yourself. Do they need stoking? Are they as intense as they once were or have they been reduced to embers?

You are worth stoking. Taking time to improve your relationship with yourself and exploring the energy dynamics that you create will improve not only yourself, but give you that purpose that you have  been searching for.

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