Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Theft of The Soul

Theft of the Soul is what I  think happens to a child when they are so severely damaged by a violent act of sexual abuse that they fragment.

We need to take care of these fragile developing souls, and build them up. Provide them help and encouragement.

Origins Of Darkness

I once stood in the light shiny and new
That was long and tiresome time ago
Before the dark fingers swept upon me
And tore my living soul from my tiny body
Theft of the soul as it has now been termed

Leaving nothing but a vast gaping hole
Where my heart was once connected
My mind swirls with emptiness and hurt
The evil took the part that was once me
The person I once was no exists inside

The darkness inside has created a trinity
A fragmented , broken soul thriving on pain
An Unholy Trinity, feeding on it's suffering
I am here because the pain was too great
Broken into pieces, the Origins of Darkness

If you suspect childhood sexual assault, please report it. Don't turn a blind eye, you may be saving the child from years of self torment, even after the abuse stops.

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