Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scwarzenegger's Vanity

Is it a coincidence that Arnold Schwazenegger decides after all these years to release the details of his affair that culminated with the production of a Love Child? Can anyone say " PUBLICIZE CRY MACHO" any louder!

This is a shameless attempt to resurrect an acting career. Not to mention the destruction it brings to his wife and family and yes even to the child he fathered in secrecy.  I understand that indiscretions do happen, but what are his motives for coming clean now, if not to jump start his career.

Schwarzenegger needed to remind Hollywood and his Fans that he was still a a a Suave Playboy, Not Conservative Republican that he has become known for, so he chose this time to release the details of his affair.

Only problem is having a baby with another woman virtually days apart from having one with your wife, doesn't make you a Suave Playboy, it makes you a Chauvinistic Pig, and not an Action Hero, but an Action Loser.

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