Monday, March 28, 2011

Two and a Half Women

I am writing this post today to empower myself. Today on Facebook I noticed that My biological sister had posted a photo of My niece, whom I call Baby Mama.  I have always been a close part of Baby Mama's life, i watched through the glass as her mother had a C- Section.  I bought the child everything she needed to start off in life. She lived with me for the first six months of her life before moving to Florida, and then returned when she was two years old.

Baby Mama spent a great deal of time with me upon her return nearly four years. There were times when I would I feed her, brush her hair, as she would come to me with her looking afright, we would call it "haggy hair", sh has beautiful curly hair.  I would bathe her and clothe her too. I loved being her Auntie.

I always thought of her protection and what was best for her, Her Mother and Brother had Domestic Violence Issues, and when they would erupt, I would put her in my room for safety sake. She is small, and I was always afraid that she would get caught in the line of fire.

In December of 2010 I was fired from Two and a Half Women , and Baby Mama's Mother took her away, as I could no longer condone Domestic Violence in My Home. I did not put my sister out of my house, she decided to leave because I wanted her son to stop laying hands on her under my roof, and to stop damaging my property. I guess some women aren't always ready to get help. It took me awhile to get help too.

I am grateful that there is peace and serenity in my home, and that I can recognize abuse when I see it, and that I don't have to accept it nor condone it. I am also grateful that I can now recognize that I am mourning the loss of this Beautiful Dominican Princess that I helped to Raise and Protect.  A person doesn't have to be dead for you to mourn their loss.

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  1. i like it, i met them for the first time this year soo it took me a min until i figured out who the story was about :)


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