Friday, March 4, 2011

Do The Republicans Really Defend Marriage?

DOMA is just The Latest attack on The LGBT community and it has nothing to do with preserving the sanctity and old fashioned values of traditional marriage as The Conservatives would have you believe.

Pardon Me for being so opinionated on this subject but I will tell you why.

I have met many elderly couples who would love nothing more than to be married to one another, and live as husband and wife, Legally. Why don't they? Financially they would be screwed. Seems if you are on Social Security and you enter into a Marriage Contract as it is currently defined by DOMA, your benefits are decreased dramatically. They just can't afford to be married. They can however afford to live together. For some of these older people this was an insult, and an embarrassment. To "Shack Up" or " Live In Sin" but what other recourse did the government leave them? They have to eat and pay bills.

DOMA takes more away from marriage than it gives.

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