Friday, March 18, 2011

Don"t Kill The Future JFK or MLK

A vast Majority of us go on in our day to day lives with the assumption that if nothing tragic falls upon me, than it was a good day. Sure they are , for the most part not oblivious to their surroundings, and the atrocities that have overwhelmed their fellow man, but are under the mistaken impression that what happens to them does not affect them. Naturally they feel a slight twinge of discomfort when they see the suffering going on in the world around them, but what they don't understand is why they feel that twinge of discomfort.

Humanity is connected on a deep level, as we are all brothers and sisters, and have been from the beginning of time, whatever religious affiliation you subscribe to, it is hard to argue this one. What affects one of us affects all of us.  I will illustrate this with a few examples.

Today's abused child, that everyone turned a blind eye to, grows up and becomes bitter and mentally ill. Everyone thought it best to mind their own business. The Child of Ambivilance decides it is a good idea to take revenge on the society that has failed him.  He buys a gun and goes on a shooting spree, shooting innocent  children and public officials at political rallies. No One cared enough about him as a child to help him, we turned a blind eye to him because his problems didn't affect us. His problems affect us now Don't They?

The Recent Tragedy in Japan does bring us close r to the realization of how fragile life is. The Tsunami ravaged Japan, adn the Death toll climbs Daily. While Most of us were horrified at the extent of the damage, there were a few of us who were grateful that it wasn't us. That's Just It. IT WAS US! Many people donated ten dollars here or there, but they fail to realize the looming Nuclear Disaster that does affect us.  Anytime Radiation is leeched into the Air, Water, or Earth it is not good for Humanity and it will eventually affect us.

Starving A Child is perhaps one of the worst crimes against humanity you can commit, and yes this does affect us all. To Feed a Child's Body, Mind and Soul is one of the Greatest gifts you can give to Humanity. Would You want it on your conscience that you murdered perhaps the next John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ? Our Children our Humanity's Greatest Resource, and it EVERYONE"S Responsibility to nurture them.

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  1. Really interesting post, Lisa, and I think it is true that we as people don't realize how our actions or lack of action can have a ripple effect, possibly changing the course of history.


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