Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat Your Neighbour, But Don't Forget To Say Grace

Loving thy Neighbour as thyself. What a beautiful Concept right? I guess it's just not always possible in today's day and age for most folks, or Heaven Forbid to Love Thine Enemy as Thyself.

Maybe some of us do Love our Enemies as we love Ourselves, simply because we Do not Love Ourselves. When we are bankrupt in the love  department we can not give away what we do not have.

I will most likely be criticized for this, but I will say it anyway. I was mortified when I heard that people were celebrating the fact that Gadafi's son was killed. Did anyone not feel any compassion that a human life was taken. It is his Father that is the Dictator. Granted the people have discovered that they have the right to participate in a free world and live in a Democratic Society, but He was after all someone's son. I am not in anyway condoning the actions of Gadafi's Regime, nor am I comparing his son to Jesus Christ, nor am I comparing Myself to The Virgin Mary, but For a moment I can step in Gadafi's shoes and feel sympathy, empathy, and compassion. I also think back, seeing as this is this is the Advent Season, on how the Crowds cheered at the execution of Christ, even though Mary knew her son must die for mankind, the pain was overwhelming. I have three children, the pain must have been astounding.

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