Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jesus Christ and John Lennon

Perhaps I am a bit Naive, but Then I suppose John Lennon and Jesus Christ must have been too. I do believe that love conquers all. and ultimately Good does win out over Evil. No I am not being blasphemous in any way, and if you perceive it to be that way, I apologize. I do however strive to be Christ like in my intentions daily.

Does that mean I lead a pure and chaste life. No. What it does mean is that I strive to be of maximum service to mankind each day that I am blessed with breath in my human body. If it is within my means to help someone I do it. I believe it to be a sin against humanity to not do so.

You might be sitting out there and saying " Well, I have no money to give."  Helping your fellow Man is not always done monetarily, we are all blessed with unique talents, and it is up to us to use those talents for good. I have a talent for truth seeking, researching, and writing. Thus if someone were to ask me to help them on a project, it would go against everything I believe in to say no them.  Perhaps you are good at organizing events, and could bring about a Rally or Charity Benefit.

It is Through Loving your Neighbour that We Bring Power to The People and We must never Forget that each and everyone of us are the People.

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