Monday, June 6, 2011

Sympathy For the Devil

Poor Anthony Weiner, got caught exposing his chest. Big Deal. He has a very powerful position and is under a lot of stress, and oh yeah did we forget he is a human being?

Now there are alot of you who don't understand the concept of TPE or Total Power Exchange. This is usually whereby a man who holds a position of high power with a lot of stress needs somewhere to let go of that stress , to pass the baton if you will. Generally these men will seek strong agressive women to take control for a short time, often times these women are referred to as Dommes or a Mistress.

It is through the act of their submission to the Mistress, that their burden is lightened and they are able to go on and continue their work week without having a nervous breakdown or becoming addicted to liquor or sedatives.

Sex is not always involved in a Domme session, often times the gentleman simply does as the Domme commands.

Let's not be so judgmental, and at least be informed if we are going to be pious assholes.

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