Monday, June 13, 2011

Guardians at The Gate

When he opened that old metal closet
The past came pouring out onto the floor
I felt the blood rush from my body my head swirled
All of those dirty little secrets they tried so hard to bury
Were now laying here at my feet in the light of day

I wanted to retreat inside my mind as I did before
Creating other entities to handle the work for me
My heart was beating out of my chest, I felt so sick
I could feel my mind drifting, hearing them coming back
Do I take their help, or resist and stand strong and fight

My soul was devoured alive by these things
And the people who used them on my innocence
Tattered and torn my mind became fragments
Learning to function through webs of deceit
Never being able to share my pain or my secrets

My guardians at the gate are calling out to me
Begging to help me through this sordid mess
I need to stay in control of this pain at my feet
These well meaning voices fighting in my head
I can and will claim victory over the demons of the past

If you are the victim of Childhood Sexual Assault, Don't suffer in silence. Help is available for you. 

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