Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let Ryan Dunn RIP you Cowards

Westboro Baptist Church apparently has announced plans to picket Ryan Dunn's funeral.
To boycott or picket someone's funeral is cowardice at it's finest. A funeral is for the mourners left behind, a gathering of friends and loved ones to pay their respects at soneone's passing , not a time for someone to push their Political or Moral Agenda.
We all leave behind an Esoteric Impression on this World. It is an Energy Fingerprint, Ryan Dunn left one, as will anyone who reads this post. While it is true his death was a tragedy, in large part I say this because alcohol was involved, it does not give anyone the right to taint his memory at his funeral.
To go to someone's memorial service and hold a rally proclaiming that they are going to hell and to say that you are doing it in the name God is not only Cowardice but it is also downright Blasphemous.

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