Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jurors who Contaminate the Pool

Is Justice Blind, or are Prosecutors when they pick them? Do they just grab any registered voter off the street without questioning them or checking into their background?

Jury Duty is something that the normal person would not want to be called upon for. It is considered an inconvenience to most, and a moral quandry to others to cast judgement upon others, but there are exceptions to the rule. Take for instance someone who is proud to their community service. this is honorable. There is also the individual who does it for the pittance of a jury pay they are allotted by the system. This is abominable.

In the County where I live I know for a fact that they have called juror who has claimed to be the victim of multiple sexual and domestic assaults. Her niece was the victim of a sexual predator. This surely excludes her from service. Why then would The DA allow her to sit on his Jury? There are court documents to support all the claims I have just made. This is not slander or Libel.

I believe that everyone deserves a fair and impartial trial. There is a reason why Lady Justice wears a Blindfold.

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