Saturday, January 29, 2011

Empower Yourself

Empowering yourself is a life long odyssey, an epic journey the likes of which you will endure for the remainder of your days on this Earth, Our Earth. It belongs to all of us, and we all have the right to feel safe and secure while we are on this journey.

No One has the right to oppress you or hold you back from your destiny, unless you give them that right. Don't give up your rights, hold onto them and hold on to yourself. You are the Best Friend you will ever have,  foster that relationship you have with yourself.
Knowledge is Empowerment. Educate yourself, only you can do this. 

Never stop improving. Wake up each day with a hunger for knowledge and awarenesss.

Loving yourself and accepting yourself is also very empowering.

Take your life back, Empower yourself, Love Yourself.

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