Sunday, June 5, 2011

Say it Loud & Be Proud

I was having a conversation with some old friends of mine about phony closeted people. I thank God everyday that I am not one of those people. Does this cause me grief sometimes? Yes. But I can hold my head up with dignity knowing that to mine ownself I am being true.

I am an Aggressive Bisexual Dominant Mistress.  I think the words Dominant and Mistress scare people more than anything else. I used to try to hide these facts about myself, but I deserve to be me, and they are only facets of my personality. I am also creative, I enjoy writing, and working with others. I love to help other people, and my heart suffers when I see a child suffer as I once suffered, or a woman struggling to get out of an abusive relationship, trying so hard to muster up enough courage to give the next day another shot.

There are a few who are afraid to be associated with me. A Dominant Woman scares some men and they are afraid of the implications. I say it is their loss. Everyone should be proud of whomever and whatever they are. Name it and Claim it. I am Lisa, I am a Bisexual Mistress, and I am saying it LOUD & PROUD.

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